GBWhatsapp 7.90 APK with Improved Communication Features Is Now Available

WhatsApp is a highly popular chatting app that is renowned for offering tens of cool features that have been specially designed to make it easier for people to express themselves. However, what many people don’t know about WhatsApp is that this is not the final version of it. There is a special mod called GBWhatsapp and what makes this mod stand out so much is the fact that it introduces lots of other features to WhatsApp that take the chatting app’s performances to the next level.

New Features

The great thing about GBWhatsapp is not only the fact that it gives users access to a bunch of new features, but that the developers of the original WhatsApp don’t agree with these features. This means that GBWhatsapp introduces exclusive features such as the ability to change the “last seen” status and to even share videos that are larger than 90MB which is the cap on the original WhatsApp.

Software Updates

The reason why GBWhatsapp is making headlines today is because we want to cover the mod’s latest update. Even though GBWhatsapp is a free to download mod, it still benefits from full-fledged developer support which means that the mod is being improved through APK updates every other week. With that said, let’s check out the latest APK release for GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsapp 7.90 APK

GBWhatsapp fans should be pleased to know that a brand-new APK update has been recently released. The update changes GBWhatsapp’s version number to 7.90 and it focuses on enhancing the already premium communication features that the mod has to offer. The highlight of the APK update is that it introduces a new “auto-reply” feature that has been specially developed for busy people who don’t have time to reply to all messages that they receive.

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