Jailbreak Is Shutting Down Cydia from Apple’s App Store

Jay Freeman, the Cydia founder, is shutting down the ability to accept payments for the app purchases made by iOS Jailbroken devices. Besides this Cydia itself is shutting down too, and very soon. Saurik, the nickname for Jay Freeman, wants to end the iPhone and IPad alternative apps hub for Apple’s Store.

Why Is Cydia Shutting Down?

Cydia is shutting down the payment function for future purchases that could be made for paid applications. Being an iPhone user, you can still use iOS jailbroken device to take advantage of your previous downloaded app. On the other hand, shutting Cydia down will cover all the services provided for iPhone users with jailbroken devices. We don’t know yet if users could use the previously downloaded app from Cydia.

What Are the Reasons behind Cydia’s End of Accepting Purchase?

The founder of Cydia has decided to shut down the ability to receive payments because of the presence of a bug in the app Paypal system. Freeman is assuring the users that the virus doesn’t affect the Paypal accounts and there is not a data leak. The bug will affect a user’s Paypal account when a purchase is made on the Cydia store using the account. As long as no purchase transaction isn’t made on the Cydia store, all users we’ll be safe. Also, the official news about Cydia closure is made after months when the first announcement was made.

What Are the Reasons behind Cydia’s Shutting Down?

The founder of Cydia declared that the number of iPhone users with iOS jailbroken devices that are using Cydia is getting lower and lower. So this was the original decision to shut down the service because no one is buying anything from the store anymore. And to maintain the Cydia store on the app, all the money are coming from his pocket.

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