Facebook Messenger Lite APK with Software Improvements is Now Live

One of the reasons why Facebook Lite is so popular is because it also ships with a Lite version of the Messenger app. For those who are unfamiliar, Facebook Messenger Lite is a chatting app that has been specially designed to make it easier for users to get in touch with their friends and loved ones. The great thing about Facebook Messenger Lite is the fact that its software has been optimized to make the app weigh in only 10MB and to also lower the mobile data required in order to load chats.

Nonetheless, the reason why Facebook Messenger Lite is making headlines today is because the chatting app has just received a brand-new update. However, this is an APK update and installing it can be quite tricky. This is where we come in because today we are going to present a short installation guide for APK releases.

Facebook Messenger Lite APK

The latest update for Facebook Messenger Lite has arrived today (April 17) and it changes the chatting app’s build number to As previously noted, the update is available in the form of APK and since this update format is an acronym for “Android Package Kit”, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the only Facebook Messenger Lite fans who can install it are those who use an Android powered smartphone.

Short Installation Guide

The tricky part about installing APK updates is that Facebook Messenger Lite fans are required to enable the “Unknown Sources” option. Luckily, enabling this option doesn’t take more than one minute since it can be found in the Settings panel of all Android powered smartphones, inside the Privacy menu.

Software Stability

Facebook Messenger Lite’s latest APK update might not come with any new features, but it makes up for that by introducing a bunch of bug fixes. This makes the new update a high priority download because the bug fixes improve the overall software stability.

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