Facebook Messages Has Hidden Messages – Here’s How To See Them!

As a rule, when you receive a message from a Facebook friend, a notification will appear. Typically, you see the Facebook Messenger icon with a small number in the right corner of the icon, symbolizing the number of messages you have received from your Facebook friends. But Facebook Messenger has hidden messages, and here’s how to see them.

The exception which is not really known is the fact that the Facebook developers made it possible for other people who are not in your friend list to be able to send you messages. These messages aren’t handled the same way as those you receive from your contacts.

As the above mention says, when you receive a private message from someone in your friend list, you usually receive an indication on the desktop of your mobile phone. Still, what happens when a Facebook user who is not in your friend list sends you a message?

Facebook Messanger blocks the hidden messages and stores them in one of their vault located in their servers. You will not receive a notification since the message has been sent by someone who is not officially connected with you on Facebook.

How can you access the Facebook Messenger hidden messages?

Not many people know that there is actually a way to send these hidden messages. A vast majority of people who are using Facebook and Facebook Messenger App on their PC or smartphone still have no idea that such a thing is possible.

If you own an Apple iOS device, you will be able to access the Facebook vault where they usually store these hidden messages by following the instructions below. This method is however only available for those users who have the iOS-based devices.

Steps to access hidden messages in Facebook Messenger:

  1. Open the Messenger App on your device
  2. Click on the “Settings” icon located at the bottom right corner
  3. Tap the “People” link
  4. Click on “Message Requests”
  5. Tap the “See Filtered Requests” at the bottom
  6. The hidden messages in Facebook Messenger will appear on the screen

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