Facebook Lite Beta Update Comes with Powerful Bug Fixes

What better way to start off your day other than to receive a new update for your favorite app? With that being said, Facebook Lite fans should be pleased to find out that Facebook has just released a new update. The update changes Facebook Lite’s built number to Beta and it has arrived today (April 16th). Therefore, now we are going to check out the software improvements that the new update introduces so that all Facebook Lite fans can get a pretty good idea of what is coming their way.

Facebook Lite Beta

As the update’s build number implies, the new update for Facebook Lite can only be downloaded and installed by fans of the social media app who are enrolled in the beta program. On the bright side of things, becoming a beta tester for Facebook Lite is not complicated at all and everyone can get an account in a matter of minutes. To top it all off, there isn’t anything else that Facebook Lite beta testers are required to do other than to report to the developers any bugs or software issues that they might encounter.

Improvements to Reliability and Speed

This latest update is a maintenance release. What we mean by this is that the update doesn’t introduce any new features to Facebook Lite and instead, it focuses on improving the social media app’s reliability and speed. The way that the update does this is by introducing a handful of bug fixes (improved reliability) and under the hood software tweaks (improved speed).

With that being said, Facebook Lite fans who want to make sure that their favorite app is running at peak-performance levels should make sure to download the new update ASAP. If not, Facebook’s developers are surely going to release it via OTA (over the air) channels during the upcoming weeks.

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