VLC Media Player Update Available With Best Shortcuts

VLC Media Player is a free cross-platform media player for a lot of operating systems and used by millions of people. It’s a flexible and accessible program to use, so if you want to speed up this use, or to get extra productivity, you could be better with some keyboard shortcuts. So let’s learn some trick for an easy way of using VLC Media Player.


  • The space bar has the same function as in all the media players – play and pause;
  • S button will stop the playback entirely;
  • Shift + right/left arrow can skip 5 seconds
  • Alt + left/right arrow can skip with 10 seconds
  • Control + left/right arrow will scroll 1 minute, and if you combine the two you will scroll 5 minutes;
  • E will help you move forward one frame at a time;
  • The + and keys help you to adjust the playback speed ( fast or slow motion);
  • Hit = to set back the normal speed;
  • The F key helps you to toggle between full screen and windowed display mode. For leaving this mode use the Escape button;
  • Hit the Z button to make your video larger or smaller; this will help you to change the zoom or scaling;
  • If you don’t have the mouse near you or you don’t like using the pad, you can change the volume with Control + up/down arrows. Oh, and don’t forget you can mute the video by hitting the M button.
  • If you want to enter the settings for the audio equalizer and video effects, just press Control + E.
  • An excellent and useful hint that comes in handy when viewing a movie in full-screen mode is to tap T. This will show you the remaining out of total time.
  • An easy one is the navigation controls, N for the next audio or video, and P for the previous one;
  • Control + H will help you hide or show the controls on the screen.

If you can learn some of the VLC shortcuts and use them, we are sure you experience and use of the program will be comfortable and flexible.

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