iOS 13 Rumors: Better Mail Services, Enhanced Multitasking, And Dark Mode

iOS 13 is the most important system operating update that Apple will release this year. 9to5mac‘s sources said that this new update will be introducing a lot of cool features for the operating system.

Here’s a closer look at some of the features that the iOS 13 is expected to bring. Apple is scheduled to release the iOS 13 on January 3rd.

Dark Mode

The iOS feature that’s been highly anticipated is the Dark Mode. All the popular applications started to introduce this Dark Mode feature and YouTube and Facebook Messenger have been leading the way.

This mode is set to extend the battery life of smartphones while also making the UI look nicer, and at the same time lowering the damage that the brightness can trigger for the users’ eyes.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that Apple fans have been asking for such a feature for quite a while now.

Fortunately, Apple seems to have paid attention and there’s a system-wide Dark Mode that will be on its way packed in the iOS 13.

Enhanced multitasking

iOS 13 will make it much easier for users to multitask and this will happen via the introduction of multiple windows.

The windows will make it possible for iPad and iPhone users to open multiple apps at the same time.

This will enhance the multitasking abilities of iPads and iPhones as well.

A better mail service

Last but not least, another feature worth mentioning that will reportedly come in the iOS 13 is an improved mail service.

The update for the operating system will pack a lot of other features but they still have to be revealed.

Anyway, as a conclusion, the native iOS mail app will provide iPad and iPhone users with more options that enable them to organize their entire emails really quickly with a few touches.

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