World Of Warcraft Big Update Will Add Lots Of Content

The king of MMORPGs is still going strong, and Blizzard has recently announced some of the features which will be included in the upcoming content patch. The 8.2 patch is called Rise of Azshara, and it will focus on the underwater Naga empire.

One of the most anticipated additions is the introduction of a massive open-world dungeon called The Mechagon Megadungeon. The scale will on par with that of the Return to Karazhan dungeon which was added in Legion in patch 7.2. The Mechagon will ask players to defeat eight bosses, with the last one being King Mechagon.

Dedicated raiders will enjoy Azshara’s Eternal Palace, the third big raid added after the release of Battle for Azeroth. A smaller raid named Crucible of Storms will be available after April 16. The champions who dare to venture to the palace will face eight powerful bosses, and the might of Queen Azshara herself.

World Of Warcraft Big Update Will Add Lots Of Content

Many BfA players complained about the Heart of Azeroth, claiming that they cannot be bothered to care about the progression system introduced at the start of the expansion. Blizzard has announced that the Heart of Azeroth will be reworked, to make it more useful and enjoyable in the long run.

As players venture through the world, they will have the chance to collect powerful essences, which feature a major and a minor trait. The revamped neck item will now feature five slots, one for major essences and four for minor essences. Players will have the option to switch the essences when they are in a resting area or by using a theme. The essences will have four distinct ranks and players can collect a superior essence without the need to obtain lower essences.

The new patch will be released at some point during the summer. The announcement was well-received by the community, and it is likely that it will bring a breath of fresh air to the game.

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