G Suite Update To Come With New Features and Improvements

G-Suite is a popular package of productivity tools developed and offered by Google. It includes several popular services like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and others. An admin panel and a Vault facilitate the management of users and available services.

The individual base services are available for free, but G-Suite offers optional features like custom email addresses, unlimited cloud storage, and additional tools which are very useful for corporate customers. Since it harnesses the power of Google’s data centers, any changes are saved instantly, and backup copies are also available. As G Suite is a premium service users will not receive ads and the information stored in G Suite accounts isn’t used for marketing.

It offers a lot of features but nothing is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Google has recently announced a major update, and lots of new features will be added.

G Suite introduces Google Assistant support, new features, and improvements

G Suite will now integrate Google Assistant, with a focus on the Calendar feature. The assistant is quite handy when you are dealing with your personal life, and this functionality has been extended. When you log in with a G Suite account, you will have the option to ask the Google Assistant to check any upcoming events, allowing you to stay on schedule.

A new G Suite Add-ons feature will allow users to access useful workplace apps by using the G Suite side panel, which means that they won’t need to switch between several apps. The beta version of the feature will come in the following months.

Accessing Drive faster can boost productivity times. The new metadata categories will increase the search speed as users can use metadata criteria to track down files and sort files according to their needs. The familiar Hangouts experience has been revamped into two distinct experiences: Hangouts Chat and Hangouts meet. Hangouts Chat is now available within Gmail, facilitating access to important conversations and relevant information. A large number of features will be introduced in the following months.

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