Nexus 6P Owners Will Receive a Payout From Google

In 2015 Google and Huawei released the Nexus 6P, one of the most popular smartphones of that year.

Soon after the device was released, some owners experience annoying bootloop problems. The device affected by bootloop will crash and reboot continuously, a defect which makes it unusable. A class-action lawsuit was started, and the two companies have agreed to pay for their mistakes. The suit began in April 2017, and it appears that Google and Huawei will offer up to $9.75 million as payouts.

Those who bought a Nexus 6P on and after the date of September 25, 2015, can receive up to $4000 in repayment if they can provide the required documentation. Some owners received a free Pixel XL during a warranty exchange program, but they will have the option to claim $10.

Specific Nexus 6P owners will receive a payout

An official document released by a reliable source notes that customers who purchased a Nexus 6P within the same timeframe are eligible for a payout if they can prove that their devices were affected by battery drain. They will have to prove documentation of the issue and could receive up to $150. If they cannot submit the required papers, but they can attest that the device was affected by battery drain they can obtain a sum between $10 and $45.

Other smartphone manufacturers encountered similar problems. LG was sued by unhappy customers who purchased an LG G4 and faced bootloop issues. The issue was quite wide-spread affecting regional models and carrier-branded devices. A long internal investigation revealed that the issue was caused by a faulty contact between some components. The company acknowledged the issue in a press release and offered to repair the affected devices for free. Previous attempts to track down the issue lead to a wrong diagnostic, but the problem was solved.

Google and Huawei declined any responsibility and claimed that they could not be blamed for the problems encountered by the users.

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