Facebook Lite Beta Update Brings New Bug Fixes and Security Improvements

If you ever feel like Facebook is taking up way too much storage space in your smartphone and that it uses too much mobile data in order to load the newsfeed, then you should be happy to know that we have just the perfect app that can replace it. The developers who are in charge of Facebook know that not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on high-end smartphones and this is why they created a Lite version of the app.

Facebook Lite is a better optimized version of the original social media app and it delivers the same premium user experience and powerful features. The cool thing about Facebook Lite is the fact that its software has been optimized with for the sole purpose of lowering the amount of mobile data that the app uses on a regular basis.

Not just that, but the app’s overall size and hardware requirements have been downgraded as well. To make things even better, Facebook Lite benefits from the same stream of constant updates as the original app does. In fact, a brand-new APK update has just arrived.

Facebook Lite Beta Update

The first thing that we want to note when it comes to Facebook Lite’s latest update is the fact that its exclusive to beta users. This means that all Facebook Lite users who are interested in getting their hands on the bug fixes that the new update introduces will need to enroll in the Facebook Beta Program.

Bug Fixes

As previously noted, Facebook Lite’s new Beta update introduces a handful of bug fixes. These bug fixes serve the purpose of enhancing Facebook Lite overall stability and to make it safer at the same time. Therefore, the new beta release for Facebook Lite is a high priority update and all beta users are advised to download it right now.

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