Google Play Store Reportedly Hosts Inappropriate Games Targeting Kids

It seems that Google’s issues with some disturbing child-oriented content are not only limited to YouTube, but they extend beyond it as well.

Engadget reports that Wired managed to find dozens of Android applications on the Google Play Store which were rated as safe for kids, but they featured some really offensive content.

The online publication notes that “Mad Max Zombies was rated PEGI 3 but had you gunning down the undead with plenty of blood, while Baby Panda Dental Care had you pulling teeth in a fairly graphic fashion.”

There were also found pay-to-play machines and apps which had questionable uses of device permissions and location tracking as well.

Google addressed 16 titles out of 52 

Wired sent 52 titles to Google, and it looks like 16 of them have either been removed or re-released with more appropriate ratings and permissions.

“Mad Max Zombies is now the PEGI 12-rated Mad War Zombies, for instance,” Engadget writes.

At the time, it’s not very clear just how many more titles have gone unaltered, and some offenders have over 100,000 installs which is a lot.

The online publication writes that they asked Google for comments, but there’s nothing new so far.

Google’s approach regarding content might not be flawless after all  

The presence of such material may be due to Google’s own approach regarding app content.

The tech giant is using the same content questionnaire such as Nintendo’s eShop and the Microsoft Store on Xbox; it doesn’t screen games in the same way that those companies are doing it.

It shouldn’t be too hard for a Play Store developer to check the suitability of a game.

Engadget writes that unless Google doesn’t come up with a stricter approach to verification in the future, parents may have to double check the apps themselves in orde to see if they’re suitable for their kids.

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