Slack Integrates Microsoft Office 365 Tools

Businesses are using a lot of apps, services, and various tools in order to communicate and collaborate on a daily basis.

Now Slack seems to have decided to make it easier for Office 365 users by integrating Microsoft’s services into its platform.

The messaging service will be getting a new Outlook calendar and mail app as well, and also an updated OneDrive app. Users will be able to preview Office files straight within Slack from now on.

This is a part of the company’s efforts to make it easier for users to keep track of all their meetings and calendar invites by bringing them all into Slack via the new Outlook calendar app.

Users will have a message when a meeting invite pops up, and they will also be able to respond with a single click.

More than that, reminders to join Skype, Webex, and Zoom meetings will also be appearing, and the Outlook calendar app will be able to set the Slack status automatically based on the calendar including setting “out of office” status if that’s what’s been enabled in Outlook.

Deep integration

TechRadar reports that from now on, users will also get the chance to bring emails right into their channels and this will be possible due to the addition of Outlook mail integration.

Users will get the ability to send forward emails straight from Outlook into a Slack channel with the new Outlook add-in.

Also, importing files from Microsoft’s cloud storage service will also become possible, and the functionality will be similar to the company’s Dropbox and Google Drive integration.

Working with Office docs will become easier in Slack because the company is enabling full previews on PowerPoint slides, Word docs, and Excel spreadsheets.

The files can be previewed without having to open them, and the company is hoping to bring this feature to OneDrive files in the future as well.

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