Google Chrome 75 Update Will Set “Lazy Loading” As The Default Setting

Website developers are creating more and more complex features, and this leads to more complex websites out there.

It’s true that complex websites might look amazing but, on the other hand, there is an important issue with them – they take a toll on your browser’s performance.

Google found a solution to the problem. It was just reported that Google Chrome would be starting to support lazy loading by default.

This means that Google Chrome will only load photos, videos, and text that the user sees and it will leave all the background data behind.

Google Chrome 75 Update

Google revealed that lazy loading would be introduced as a default feature when the stable version of Google Chrome comes out. This is set to happen in May.

Google Chrome is known for using a lot of RAM, and the addition of such a lazy loading will definitely come in handy and help with this problem because it will reduce the toll that the complex websites usually take on users’ browser.

How does lazy loading work?

There’s nothing complicated about this lazy loading mode. It works rather easy. Google Chrome will only load images and frames that the user is seeing. It will start loading other content in real time as the users scroll on the website.

According to the speed of the network, Google Chrome will load the unseen content a bit faster so that the users will not necessarily be aware of all this.

Activating the lazy loading option 

Google Chrome will make the option a default feature. Google Chrome users will also be able to manually activate the feature right now as well.

If you’re curious how this works, and you haven’t tried it before you have a chance to do it now.

All you have to do is access “chrome://flags” and then searching for “lazy.” All that is left now is to activate both flags and restart Google Chrome.

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