Google Play Store 14.3.20 Update with Powerful Bug Fixes is Now Available

There are lots of advantages that using an Android powered smartphone brings such as getting access to millions of useful apps and fun mobile games. However, if we had to pick one of the most important advantages then it would have to be getting access to the Google Play Store because, without this service, the Android operating system wouldn’t feel as premium as it does.

Considering the fact that the Google Play Store is the place where everyone goes to whenever they want to download a new app or game on their smartphones, then it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the Android parent is constantly updating the Google Play Store in order to boost its performances and software stability. In fact, a brand-new update has recently arrived and today we are going to cover everything there is to know about it.

Google Play Store 14.3.20 Update

Android fans should be happy to know that Google has recently released a new update for the Google Play Store. The update sports the 14.3.20 version number and it can be downloaded in the form of APK right now. What makes this type of updates special is the fact that Android fans need to download and install them manually on their smartphones, but not before enabling the “Unknown Sources” option from the Privacy panel.

On the other hand, we know that some Android fans might not be that keen on having to manually download and install updates. Luckily, this isn’t necessary because Google is always releasing all its latest APK updates through OTA (over the air) channels. However, the Android parent is going to take at least one week before it does this.

The reason why we are advising all Android fans to download the update is because it focuses on improving the software stability of the operating system by introducing a handful of new bug fixes.

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