Facebook Lite Beta APK Introduces Improvements for Reliability and Speed

Facebook Lite is the perfect app for people who don’t like spending hundreds of dollars on one of Apple or Samsung’s flagship smartphones. The reason why we are saying this is because Facebook Lite has been specially developed for entry-level smartphones and its software is optimized to the point that it lowers the overall mobile data that Facebook Lite needs in order to load the newsfeed or chats.

Nonetheless, Facebook Lite is making headlines today because the social media app has received a brand-new update. The developers who are in charge of Facebook Lite are always improving the app’s performances and reliability through a constant stream of APK updates and today we are going to check out the latest one.

Facebook Lite Beta APK

Facebook Lite fans should be happy to know that a brand-new update which sports the Beta APK version number has arrived today (April 5th). This is a high priority download for all Facebook Lite fans who are enrolled in the beta program because it comes with a handful of software tweaks that bring “improvements for reliability and speed” according to the patch notes.

Not just that, but the update also introduces a bunch of important bug fixes that take care of known issues, thus enhancing the app’s software stability and reducing the overall chance for it to randomly crash or lag.

Beta Update

As previously mentioned, the new update is currently available only to Facebook Lite beta users. Luckily, everyone can become a Facebook Lite beta user and the process of enrolling in the beta program doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

To top it all off, the only thing that Facebook Lite beta users are required to do in exchange for the privilege of receiving access to all the latest features is to provide the developers with reliable feedback.

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