Pokémon Go Fest: The Real-World Summer Events Revealed

Are you ready for the summer? Niantic advised Pokémon Go players to grab their sunscreen bottles and go out for some more real-world events that will take place this summer across the world. We not only have Community Days, Field Research Quests and a lot of monster catching, but we can also get to the events that have just been announced by Niantic.

They’re called Pokémon Go Summer Tour 2019, or Pokémon Fest, and it will contain three events: one in Chicago at the Grant Park, one in Dortmund, Germany, and one in Asia (the location and date were not yet announced for this region).

Let’s check out the dates for the other two events and see what you should expect during those days.

Pokémon Go Summer Tour 2019 – USA and Europe

The events can be accessed through the purchase of tickets, which are now available on the Pokémon Go websites.

Pokémon Go Fest Chicago will be held June 13 – 16, starting from 11 AM to 7 PM.

During the event, we will get New Special Research, !Unown increased spawn rate, Pachirisu will appear in the trees. There will also be New Shiny Pokémon, and we’ll get Six Team Lounges among many other things.

An important notice is that the event will contain the same experience throughout the four days and that players can only purchase the ticket for one of the days, but according to the European website for the event, players can also buy four tickets if they want to go every day at the event. You can check out more details on the Pokémon Go Live website.

Pokémon Go Fest Dortmund (Germany) will be held July 4-7, at the Westfalenpark. Tickets will go on sale later this spring, noted the European website.

Community Events: April – August Dates

If you cannot attend the event, you can participate in special challenges and unlock various rewards. Before each Go Fest, Niantic will announce what challenges are available for players all over the world.

The event page on the Pokémon Go Live website also shows the dates for the incoming community days: April Community Day will take place on 13 April, May Community Day on 19 May and June community Day on 8 June, July Community Day on 21 July and August Community Day on 3 August.

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