New Facebook Lite Beta APK with Software Improvements and Bug Fixes Goes Live Today

Facebook is a great app to have around because it makes it easier for people to find their friends and keep them updated with what’s going on in their lives. To make things even better, Facebook is bundled with the Messenger app which is equipped with a plethora of chatting features that help users communicate with their friends and family members.

On the downside of things, the social media platform is infamous for using up lots of mobile data in order to load the newsfeed. Not just that, but Facebook also required powerful hardware specs in order to run and this makes it difficult for people who use entry-level smartphones to access the features that Facebook has to offer. Luckily, here is where Facebook Lite comes in and saves the day.

Facebook Lite

Just like the app’s name implies, Facebook Lite is a lightweight version of the social media platform and it has been designed to run on older smartphones that don’t benefit from a powerful CPU or lots of RAM. Although, what makes Facebook Lite special is the fact that its software has been optimized to reduce the overall mobile data required in order to load the newsfeed and other features.

New Beta APK

Since we are talking about Facebook Lite’s software optimization, we need to mention that the app has recently received a new update. The update is available in the form of APK and it sports the beta version number. Therefore, the update can only be installed by Facebook Lite beta users right now and it’s going to take at least one more week until the update is rolled out to the general public.

Fortunately, becoming a Facebook Lite beta user is not complicated at all. The only thing that users need to do is to create a beta account and to provide the developers with feedback whenever they encounter bugs.

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