Android Q Beta 2 Update Is Out For Pixel Smartphones

The Pixel smartphones are really popular for their powerful hardware performances and the great UX that they have to offer.

On the other hand, this is not the greatest thing about buying a Pixel smartphone.

One of the most important advantages is the fact that people who are using a Pixel smartphone will be the first ones to access Google’s latest OS updates.

Android Beta 2 is out 

Pixel smartphone users should be happy to learn that Google has released the second version of Android Q Beta.

The brand new OS can be manually flashed on Pixel smartphones, but it’s not recommended that Pixel users who are not experienced with the process to do it.

On the other hand, what we advise them is to just enroll in the Android Beta Program and receive Android Q Beta via OTA (over the air).

What’s new in the update

Google has introduced lots of essential software tweaks in the brand new update but what’s most important is that Android Q Beta 2 comes with a bunch of new bug fixes that enhance the operating system’s software stability.

More than that, Android Q Beta 2 is packed with lots of API updates alongside the latest April 2019 security patches.

Foldable smartphones and multitasking bubbles

One feature that definitely stands out the most in this new Android Q Beta 2 is the foldable emulator.

Just like the name implies, Android fans can use this in order to emulate a foldable smartphone and create apps for this kind of device.

This comes as a confirmation that Google is aware of the fact that foldable smartphones are the latest trend in the industry and they’re definitely planning to catch up.

Other than this, another essential new feature is called Bubbles – this has been designed to make it easier for Android users to multitask.

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