Google Kills Google+ Failed Network And Inbox

Google’s most recent victims are Inbox and Google+. These two apps were once seen as some pretty essential game changers, and now, they’re doomed.

Remembering Inbox and Google+

Inbox was launched back in 2014 as a revolutionary take on regular email.

It brought a few features that made their way into Gmail, and these included the ability to snooze messages, setting reminders, and using AI to speed up replies.

These features are not now as prominent as they were back in Inbox notes The Next Web.

Regarding Google+, well this one managed to be the biggest threat for Facebook ever, but it never caught on the same way.

On the other hand, “it developed something of a cult following within various communities, including developers, photographers, researchers, and more,” according to the same online publication.

Google began the process of shutting down and deleting all consumer accounts on Google+ social network platform.

This way, the tech giant brings an end to its seemingly failed attempt to compete with Twitter and Facebook.

“The shutdown is underway as of this morning,” a Google spokesperson confirmed to The Verge by email on Tuesday.

Google+, killed due to low usage

It was motivated that Gioogle+ is being shut down due to low usage and because it seems that it turned “into something of a security liability for Google; the company has disclosed two significant data leaks that could have exposed information for tens of millions of Google+ users to outside developers,” The Verge writes.

Reportedly, the first vulnerability has been kept a secret for months, and it led to Google deciding it was time to close Google+ for good.

The second flaw made Google think that it has to accelerate the shutdown plans by four months.

This means that instead of August, the service ends this month.

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