PlayStation 5 Devkit and DualShock 5 Leaked Images Might Be Fake, After All

The Internet has been the victim of quite a few images of PlayStation 5 devkit and DualShock 5 controllers, but concerning these leaked photos, it seems that the general consensus is that none of them are true. Obviously, gamers experience some anxiety when it comes to actual news about the next generation of PlayStation console if the rumors are believed because they show how this machine could be so incredible.

PlayStation 5 DualShock 5 controller leaked on Twitter

However, what are those leaked pictures all about? Ray Sekiro, a tech editor, shared an image of a supposed PlayStation 5 DualShock 5 controller on Twitter and since then the gamers community has been attentive.

In fact, you can see a lot of pictures of what the PlayStation 5 could actually look like, and there are not too many differences between one another. Of course, there have been people commenting on the images saying that they are either 3D printed of photoshopped and they also have their truth. But what if just one of them is actually a legitimate piece of prototype PS5 hardware that someone managed to sneak a picture of? Probably not, but we will not know until the actual thing is launched.

PlayStation 5 devkit leak deemed fake

A couple of shots even show the alleged PlayStation 5 devkit, and you can find them online. The unsurprising fact is that they already received the label of fake because of their looks.

However, we have some general expectation for the console that you might like knowing: USB 3.0 and USB Type-C connectivity, touch bar, controller screen, controller speakers – because they keep being mentioned.

However, people in the know have already debunked the leaks so what is left is the pure expectation fans have for what Sony is working on regarding PlayStation 5. The fact is that there will always be a temptation to follow the white rabbit.

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