Google Maps 10.12.2 Update Adds Tool to Search for “EV Charging Stations”

Google Map is one of the best apps that the Android operating system has to offer. In fact, this app is so useful that the Android parent has also decided to create an iOS version of it in order to make it easier for iPhone users to find their way when traveling and to get the fastest navigation routes in crowded cities. Nonetheless, the reason why we are talking about Google Maps today is because the app has just received a new update.

Google Maps 10.12.2 Update

Android fans should be pleased to know that a new APK update has just been released for Google Maps. To make things even better, the new update has been developed for the sole purpose of making it easier for people who own electric cars to find EV charging stations all over the world.

“Thanks for using Google Maps! With this release, you can now search for EV charging stations on the map – so you can be confident that your car will be charged and ready for your ride, no matter where you’re headed,” said the developers who are in charge of Google Map in the patch notes.

Improved Performances

The new update for Google Maps doesn’t just make it easier and faster for users to find EV charging stations, but it also comes with a bunch of software tweaks that improve the overall performances. Therefore, the new 10.12.2 APK update for Google Maps should be downloaded by everyone who enjoys using the app and not only by people who need to find EV charging stations.

In addition, the update also introduces a handful of bug fixes that take care of known issues. This means that the new 10.12.2 APK update for Google Maps is also going to take the app’s stability to the next level.

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