Amazon and Microsoft Want To Join Apple and Google – The Future Of Cloud Gaming Platforms

Undoubtedly, the future of game streaming services looks bright. Google and Apple already revealed its cloud gaming platforms, Google Stadia and, respectively, Apple Arcade. Microsoft and Amazon want to join them and get a share of this emerging market.

On the 25th of March, Apple announced that a subscription-based service that’s called Arcade would allow people to play HQ games via the internet, instead of paying a lot of money on a console or an advanced gaming PC.

Users will have to pay a monthly fee and will get 100 games. Arcade was revealed some days after Google came up with Stadia, which is a similar service.

Amazon and Microsoft to launch their own game streaming services

All the tech giants out there want to get into the $180 billion video game industry. If this cloud gaming really happens, it could be a significant change in the industry – the biggest one since Nintendo.

And it’s not just Apple or Google. Microsoft also has something similar under development, which will be public by the end of the year. Amazon is working on its own cloud gaming platform, too.

These companies see video games as a significant advantage for them. By streaming games, they need a lot of expensive data centers to process all the action and also the internet cables to move around the world in real time. And that something these companies already have. Game streaming services allow these big companies to buy their way in. Not everyone can do this.

Nintendo and Sony has lost some shares since Google announced Stadia

It’s worth mentioning that shares of both Sony and Nintendo fell after Google announced Stadia. That proves the significance of cloud gaming platforms and how game streaming services might change the video games industry.

Both Nintendo and Sony, and also Microsoft had competed when it came to buying rights for the most exclusive games, then charging people a lot for devices that were needed to play them. Now, Google and Apple came up with a cheaper, alternative solution.

Accordingly, Amazon and Microsoft refuse to be left out of this significant emerging market.

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