Twitter Makes Its Users Excited With A True-Black Dark Mode – “Lights Out”

You may know that the dark mode has become really popular for apps lately. But Twitter was among the early ones who have released a night mode for its application.

This has been around since back in 2016, and the interface makes use of shades of midnight blue rather than black shades.

It’s true that these shades might be easier on users’ eyes, but on the other hand, this will definitely not help save the battery on AMOLED screens, that’s for sure.

Android Police brings some pretty great news in this regard because it seems that the social media giant is addressing the issue.

Twitter rolls out a new “Lights Out” option 

Twitter started to roll out a brand new option called “Lights out” which allows users to switch to true-black tones that will do more than just look darker.

It will also make sure to reduce the power consumption of AMOLED panels.

Android Police also revealed that users have the option to choose between using old “dimmed” scheme or the new darker one these days, according to their preferences.

It seems that Twitter also implemented an option to activate night mode only after sunset just to make it less aggressive for users’ eyes when they’re reading in the evening.

Try out the new feature

In order to try out the new feature on Twitter, you have to activate it manually.

In order to do this, you have to tap on your profile picture, head into Settings – Night Mode and then toggle Lights Out.

The feature is rolling out as we write and you read, but Android Police reports that “we haven’t seen it in the latest stable and alpha versions (7.90 alpha 68), so you may want to be patient before you can enjoy this new interface.”

Anyway, keep checking your Twitter account.

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