Facebook Lite APK for Beta Testers is Now Available

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform and there is no doubt about that. However, there are some downsides to using Facebook on an Android or iOS powered smartphone. The downsides are that Facebook requires lots of hardware power in order to run and the social media platform is infamous for using all the mobile data that it can access. Luckily, there is a solid alternative that Facebook fans can access and it’s called Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite

The first thing that we want to note about Facebook Lite is the fact that this app has been developed for the sole purpose of bringing the social media app to lower-end smartphones. Therefore, Facebook Lite doesn’t require any outrageous hardware specs and it can be installed on older versions of Android and iOS.

What makes Facebook Lite stand out the most when compared to the original app is its highly optimized software. Facebook Lite doesn’t require as much mobile data in order to load media or the newsfeed and this is why millions of people are using it every single day. Despite being a Lite version of Facebook, Facebook Lite is still benefiting from full-fledged developer support which means that it receives new updates every other week.

New APK for Beta

The latest update for Facebook Lite sports the version number and it targets beta testers. Therefore, all Facebook Lite users who want to access all the latest features, software tweaks and bug fixes that the new update introduces are required to enroll in the beta program.

Fortunately, enrolling in the beta is really simple and everyone can do it in less than five minutes. Moreover, the new update is available in the form of APK. This means that the only Facebook Lite beta testers who can install it on their smartphones are those who use an Android powered one.

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