Snapchat APK Update: Check Out These Two New Features

Snapchat is, without a doubt, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Thanks to all of its amazing features, it’s not too far-fetched to say that it might just be the only app that can be considered a threat to Facebook.

It’s worth mentioning that one unique feature of this app is that developers are always looking to innovate social media which is great these days with the massive tech evolution that races with each passing day.

This is just one of the reasons for which Snapchat users are advised to get all the updates that are coming out.

Here’s the latest update for the app which brings two essential goodies.

Snapchat APK

The latest update comes in the form of an APK, and this means that users who are interested in grabbing it as soon as possible will have to get it manually.

Of course, users who don’t want to get the update manually can always wait for the company to roll out the update OTA (over the air).

Anyway, back to what the update packs. Two new features are coming our way, and they are really exciting.


The first cool feature brought to the app by the latest update is Shazam. You can enable the feature by pressing and holding on the Camera screen in order to identify a song that’s been playing in the background.

More than that, the app will also allow you to see the history list of previous songs that you might have Shazamed in the past.

New options for saving Stories 

The Stories feature might just be the best that this app has to offer. With this cool feature, Snapchat revolutionized social media back when Instagram and Facebook were not sporting the functionality yet.

Now, the latest update offers you the ability to save entire Stories to Memories at the same time.

We believe that all these reasons detailed above are enough to get the latest Snapchat update.

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