“ShadowHammer” Malware Issue, Finally Fixed By Asus – The Tech Giant Releases A Statement

One of the latest relevant news in the tech space is that tech giant Asus managed to overlook a security issue in its software and this was then used by hackers to install malware.

The malware is a targeted attack called ShadowHammer, and since it has been reported, Asus was quick to fix the issue by rolling out a new security update.

This extremely important update can be downloaded via the Live Update tool, and of course, all Asus laptop PC/users are advised to get it as soon as possible if they want to make sure that their device will not become a target for the ShadowHammer malware.

Asus fixed the security-related issue 

The new security update created and rolled out by Asus makes sure to take care of the malware while also bringing a few more verification mechanisms that will prevent other malicious software from manipulating this software in the future.

The latest Asus update brings a brand new layer of end-to-end encryption mechanism that will keep users safe.

Asus also stated that its own server-to-end software had been improved in order to prevent such accidents from happening.

It’s true that Asus moved really quicked and fixed the issue by rolling out an update but considering the magnitude of the tech giant such problems shouldn’t have existed, to begin with.

Asus’ statement 

Asus released a statement and though it the company tried to downplay the issue that took place.

“Only a very small number of specific user group were found to have been targeted by this attack, and as such, it is extremely unlikely that your device has been targeted. However, if you are still concerned about this matter, feel free to use ASUS’ security diagnostic tool or contact ASUS Customer Service for assistance,” said Asus in its latest blog post.

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