GTA 6 Latest Rumors Suggest Multiple Protagonists, Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Main Voice Actors

Since Grand Theft Auto V will soon be six years old, there is no surprise that real fans of the franchise have been wondering about the next entry. However, so far, Rockstar decided to keep their fans in suspense instead of giving away their plans for the GTA 6.

With that being said, rumors are what keep the information about the next game going. The potential protagonist of GTA 6 has been talked a lot about by the fan base, more precise, the potential one. According to a report from GTABoom, three rumors have emerged from the discussion mentioned.

GTA 6 might sport multiple playable protagonists for the first time

First, multiple protagonists might be introduced in the next entry of the game. If this is the route Rockstar chose, since the fifth entry offered three options to choose from, it would not really be a surprise. However, this time, you might only be able to choose from two. The so-called addition would be that a protagonist is male and one female.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling might be the main voice actors

Second, Eve Mendes and Ryan Gosling might give voice to the pair. Of course, people should not act as this information is accurate, but to keep their skepticisms, ad Rockstar is not the type of studio that would opt for famous Hollywood icons.

A criminal versus a cop in GTA 6

For example, a game that has the voice of a celebrity, Norman Reedus, has been complained about as the players of “Death Stranding,” that game, do not really feel good playing as that person. Regarding the third rumor, the female and male protagonists of GTA 6 will not be similar to each other at all. One of them will be a career criminal while the other one will be a cop.

Another important thing that remains unknown and hidden by Rockstar is the release date. However, speculations suggest that GTA 6 should be launched between 2020 and 2022.

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