Nintendo Considers Releasing Two New Versions of the Switch Later This Year

It looks like this year is going to be extremely exciting for all fans of Nintendo and its hardware. According to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, the tech giant from Japan has plans to release two brand-new models of its hugely popular console, Switch, at some point in the summer. One of devices is going to be a budget version, while the other, more expensive, will be equipped with some “enhanced features targeted at avid video gamers.”

What to expect from the cheaper variant of Switch

The Wall Street Journal mentions in its report that the budget version of the new Switch will not have the vibration feature. This in turn could mean that this console will lack any detachable Joy-Con controllers. This upcoming device can be considered a successor to the 3DS. That is, if it actually launches. According to an earlier report, this time by Nikkei, Nintendo intends to introduce a smaller version of Switch whose main advantage will be the portability.

Not much is known about the higher-end Switch

The recent report does not provide us with any specifications of the higher-end variant of Nintendo’s upcoming console. However, some sources suggest that a lot of work is needed before the device can be launched. Performance-wise, Nintendo can improve the new Switch in many different ways. For example, the current variants of the console use the Tegra X1 processor, which has been launched by Nvidia some four years ago. If Nvidia decides to start creating mobile chips for Nintendo again, these new processors would surely offer a much higher level of efficiency and power.

When it comes to the release date of the upcoming Switch, the report by The Wall Street Journal mentioned E3 in June as the event that will introduce Nintendo’s new console to the world.

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