GTA 6 To Be a PS5 Exclusive?

One of the most popular game, Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA6) could be a PS5 exclusive if Sony would buy Take-Two Interactive.

Many players prefer the PlayStation console for various reasons, but the games that are being played on PS device are the most popular, and this will always be a good enough reason for exclusivity. Games like Spider-Man, Bloodborne, God ofWar, or Uncharted 4 are a strong example.

An article from MarketWatch, suggest that GTA 6 could become an exclusive game on PS6.

Grand Theft Auto is a franchise game under Rockstar Games, and Take-Two Interactive is the parent. Also, Take-Two Interactive owns 2K Games, who’s the publisher of Civilization and NBA 2K series.

However, the rumors aren’t confirmed by Joe Kulina and Take-Two Industries. If this transaction would be real, it will be a massive thing for the gaming industry.

If this happens, the business transaction won’t be financially viable for Sony. Acquiring Take-Two Interactive and focusing on the production of games only for Sony’s library, can be a bad move because Take-Two’s business model is to create games for all the platforms available, like Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation and Pc. Changing the business model will make it difficult for the company to manage.

Thanks to the plenty of rumors on the market, we have some “news” about the new Grand Theft Auto 6.

First of all, we have heard that GTA 6 will be set in two locations: Vice City and South America.

Second of all, we could have the first female protagonist introduce in the series.

Unfortunately, these are only rumors because nothing about the games has been confirmed, just that is in the working progress.

The expected date of release for GTA 6 could be around 2022. Best case scenarios are that we could have an announcement in 2020 and after that a statement in 2021; or if they’re working hard on this project, a report in 2021 and a release in 2022.

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