PUBG Mobile Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary In A Great Way

To celebrate the first birthday of PUBG Mobile, PUBG Corp., and Tencent Games has announced today that several enhancements and several in-game goodies will be introduced in a new version on the game.

The PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 update, on the sillier side, birthday parties can be held by players with fireworks on Spawn Island. Randomly-spawned cakes can also be found by players when they are playing a match or when they open collected crates that could also be collected for anniversary rewards. What the cakes contain is still unknown, and Tencent did not mention either, so to find out you will have to play a match.

Tukshai is also included in the new PUBG Mobile update which is a bus with three wheels that replaces the Dacia, Jeep, and Mini Bus in Sanhik. The G36C rifle can also be gotten by players as a replacement of the SCAR-L, and it will only be available in Vikendi.

PUBG Mobile celebrates its first anniversary in a significant way

In addition to that, starting in early April, the subscription plans will be available. If you want to purchase a subscription, you will have to choose from a Prime or Prime Plus one, both of which include crate discounts, Royale Pass points, and more. The pricing for the Prime Plus or the standard subscription has not been announced yet by Tencent.

The Royale Pass is slightly changed, and you should keep that in mind. The Royale PAss, now in Season 6, lets you view past rankings of regions and friends and offers more points weekly challenges.

It is now available for you to try the PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 version if you want, but you might need to wait because the Play Store does not show it right away. This way you can celebrate the first birthday of your favorite game.

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