Facebook Lite APK is Now Available for Beta Testers

Facebook Lite is a premium app that offers the same plethora of features as the original app does. To make things even better, Facebook Lite’s software has been optimized to load the newsfeed without needing to consume all of the smartphone’s mobile data. The way that Facebook Lite’s developers have managed to tweak the software to this point is by constantly releasing a stream of APK updates.

Facebook Lite Beta

The latest update for Facebook Lite comes in the form of APK and it is available only to beta testers. Therefore, we advise all Facebook Lite users who want to get their hands on the latest features, bug fixes and security improvement that the app receives on a weekly basis to enroll in the beta program. Luckily, enrolling in the beta program doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes and everyone can do it.

What’s New?

The question that Facebook Lite users must be asking right now is what are the “goodies” that this new update introduces? The new update contains software tweaks that add “improvements for reliability and speed,” according to the patch notes.

With that said, the new Beta update for Facebook Lite helps improve the app’s software stability and speed. While the new update might come with any new features, the software tweaks that help take the app’s performances to the next level make up for that.


We have to give praise to Facebook Lite’s developers for always coming up with new updates that improve the app’s performances. In addition, the only downside to being a beta tester is the fact that users are required to provide the developers with feedback whenever they encounter a bug. However, this rarely happens since Facebook Lite is such a well-optimized app.

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