World of Warcraft Is FREE Next Weekend For Returning Players

World of Warcraft veterans will have the chance to visit Azeroth for free during the weekend. Starting with March 21 and up to March 24 inactive accounts will be upgraded to Legion, allowing players to enjoy a variety of content.

World of Warcraft is FREE next weekend for returning players

If you didn’t sign-in for a long while you will be able to play through all the expansions up to Battle of Azeroth, and those who wish to join the epic battle between the Alliance and the Horde would have three hours to play through the new expansion. This trial can be played up to twelve times on different characters.

Each expansion had added its turns and twists so returning players will enjoy a wealth of new mechanics and features which may not have been available when they decided to cancel their subscription. New continents, raids, dungeons, and features are present, and the allied races will serve as a fresh experience for those who wish to level an alt.

A great experience can be had if you decide to create a Demon Hunter. The iconic class provides an excellent way of going through Legion content. As a heroic class, they start at a higher level, and their origin story is quite impressive. It also comes with a new ability kit and the possibility to double-jump and glide, which are very entertaining.

How to play World of Warcraft for free next weekend?

If you decide to enter the fray, you will need to download the app. Sign-in with your Blizzard account and download the game. You can also download the client in advance to make the most out of the free week before the promotional period expires.

In recent months, Blizzard has come under fire after the company made what seems to be a series of uninspired decisions. The announcement of a mobile Diablo game at Blizzcon sparked the controversy while the decision to cancel the Heroes of the Storm esports division added more fuel to the fire.

If you decide to stay a little longer, the latest expansion is available for $29.99.

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