Google Play Services 16.0.86 Update for Beta Users is Now Available

Google Play Services sits at the core of the Android operating system and it takes care of important tasks such as synchronizing account information, contacts and improving the immersion of mobile games. Despite playing such an important role in the premium Android user experience, most Android fans don’t even know what Google Play Services does. The reason why Google Play Services is not as famous as the Google Play Store is because it is a background app.

Nonetheless, the best example of how important Google Play Services is to the Android parent is to check out the constant rate of updates that Google release it for. In fact, Google Play Services has received a new update yesterday which improves its software stability.

Google Play Services 16.0.86 Beta APK

Before we get into the details of the new update for Google Play Services, we want to note that this update is targeted for Android beta testers. Therefore, all Android fans who want to get their hands on the latest software tweaks and bug fixes that are being introduced by the new update are required to enroll in the app’s Beta program. Luckily, creating a beta account takes less than a couple of minutes.

Software Optimization

As previously noted, the new update for Google Play Services focuses on improving the app’s software stability. Therefore, the new update will optimize the background app’s software so that it can run smoother than before.

Android Package Kit

The last thing that we want to cover about the new Google Play Services update is that it comes in the form of APK. For those who are unfamiliar with this term, they should know that APK stands for “Android Package Kit” and that this type of updates need to be manually downloaded and installed.

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