Google Has A Secret Plan To Revolutionize The $140 Billion Gaming Industry: Cloud Gaming

Google seems to be getting into gaming, and everyone’s curious about what they have in store.

As you know by now, the tech giant has been mostly known for the highly popular search engine and the Android operating system.

Now Google wants to revolutionize the $100 billion gaming industry which is currently dominated by other giant names including Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

By doing this, Google is probably seeking to diversify its revenue, and the company figured out that the gaming sector would be the best opportunity to achieve this.

Google has been working on a secret plan 

Google seems to be set to have a different approach, says CNBC.

They write that Google will present “its vision for the “future of gaming” during its Game Developers Conference (GDC) presentation on Tuesday in San Francisco.”

At the moment, users who want to play a hit game have to spend a few hundreds of dollars and get the PS4 or the Xbox One. Of course, you can also get a high-end gaming PC or laptop if you want to.

After that, you have to go to the store and buy a physical copy of a game, or you can also wait to download one. But Google’s approach is different.

The streaming service could change all this by letting users stream top games to the devices that they already have.

These include smartphones, laptops or streaming boxes connected to TVs.

Cloud gaming 

“Cloud gaming will enable publishers to broaden their reach even further by potentially tapping into new audiences on any device and any screen,” Forrester vice president and principal analyst Thomas Husson told CNBC.

He continued and explained that “Beyond music or video, gaming represents another opportunity to offer recurring streaming revenues for companies in the gaming ecosystem. For cloud platforms like Amazon, Google or Microsoft, it will also become an opportunity to offer cloud storage and services to game publishers, who spend more and more in their IT infrastructure. ”

Stay tuned because tomorrow is the big day.

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