Pokemon Go Leaked Special Raid Event: Prepare for Shiny Alakazam!

Get ready for a special raid event in Pokémon Go! Although it will probably appear in the second week of April, we cannot be less hyped about encountering the Shiny Alakazam in Pokémon Go as a Raid Boss. It should be epic!

However, bear in mind that all this information comes as a leak from a source that has been right in the previous leaks. According to the leaker presented by GamingIntel, here are the details about the raid boss battle and what will happen:

  • Alakazam Raid Boss Battle
  • Date: April 7th, 2019
  • Details: 5 passes free
  • Duration: 3 hours of Raid
  • Shiny or Normal? Shiny

The special raid event only appears once a month in the game. In the previous months we had Rayquaza (March), and Latias (February).

Pokémon Go: Shiny Alakazam

Alakazam has appeared in Pokemon Go, but not in the Shiny version. The Psychic type Pokemon is vulnerable when against Bug, Dark and Ghost Pokemon, but it’s good against other Psychic types and Fighting types.

The Shiny version of Alakazam should come in a different color – maybe pink instead of brown, and should also have a different animation when it spawns.

When the weather is windy, Alakazam bets a boost in stats:

  • Max CP: 3057
  • Attack: 271
  • Defense: 167
  • Stamina: 146
  • Strongest Moves: Confusion and Futuresight

Raid counters for Alakazam are the following Pokémon: Gengar, Handoom, Honchkrow, Mewtwo, Tyranitar, and Weaving.

According to the leaker, the Shiny Alakazam will be released in three weeks:

“Shiny Alakazam will release on a Special Raid Event on April 7th, 2019.”

If the leak is indeed true, Niantic will surely officially announce the Raid Boss soon. Get ready for the Raid battle, and get your Raid Pass to participate in the battles! Bear in mind that neither Shiny Abra was released yet in the game, so we might also hear of this Pokemon in the future.

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