Chrome OS Has Just Added Support for Switch Controllers

Google has recently updated the Chrome OS with support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, as well as for some Joy-Con configurations. This new update just reinforces what was believed so far – that the company is planning to release a game streaming platform.

Google might be working on a game streaming platform

Since the tech giant has added support to Chrome OS for Switch, it may mean that it intends to allow players to use the controllers from Nintendo in order to play various games that could be streamed via its platform.

At the moment, we don’t really know how this rumored platform would look like. Some people believe that the company might plan to launch an Android-based console which could stream games via Chrome. Others speculate that Google simply wants to introduce game streaming to Chrome, regardless of the device that it would be used on.

On the 20th of March we might found out more details about this, as the company is holding the much-awaited GDC 2019 event.

Google’s plans are not known yet

One thing is sure at the moment – that Nintendo and Google most definitely did not partner up for game streaming to Chrome. The most plausible current theory is that since people already have lots of game controllers, it only makes sense for Google to add Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Con support to Chrome OS.

Nevertheless, for now we don’t really know what Google’s plans actually are. But since the annual Game Developers Conference takes place in a few days from now, we expect for the tech giant to announce some details about its rumored game streaming service. Whether the company is in fact working on a streaming service that might be distributed via a Chromecast device or a console created by it or not, it remains to be seen.

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