Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Latest Update Available with New Game Mode

Since its release Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has received a healthy stream of patches and updates which fixed issues and added new content. The latest update arrives with new free content in the form of a new map variant, an exciting new game mode, and a fresh event. Some changes to the Blackout battle royale mode are also on their way.

A Hurricane version of the popular Contraband map will be offered, which is great news for players who are looking forward to a fresh challenge. The new multiplayer game mode is called Stockpile. According to developer Treyarch, the mode is a revamped version of the popular Black Ops 3 mode Fracture, which asked players to kill enemies and collect dog tags which were then delivered to a specific zone. The multiplayer section of the game will be a bit more jolly with the addition of a new event called Shamrock& Awe, inspired by the approaching St. Patrick’s Day.

The popular battle royale mode is also getting some love. The map will receive a major refresh later this week, and a new Hardcore mode will be added. The mode removes armor, zombies, vehicles and the HUD to make the challenge greater for those that are up for it.

The Zombie mode hasn’t been forgotten as a new Gauntlet will make an appearance. The host migration feature will also be improved to mitigate poor connection and boost the gameplay experience for all players.

A high number of changes will become available soon, but some of them are exclusive for the PS4 version at this time. Among them, we can count the new Stockpile mode, the Hardcore mode, and the Hellcatraz gauntlet.

The game was well-received by the community at first, but controversies have appeared in the recent months. A high level of monetization has alienated many fans since the game offers a battle pass, micro-transactions, and loot boxes on top of the base $60 price.

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