Pokémon Sword and Shield Expected to Feature 83 Variants of Ice Cream Pokémon

Based on what we’ve recently seen in a Nintendo Direct, Pokémon Sword and Shield is expected to have 83 completely new Pokémon, which will apparently come in the form of ice cream.

New Pokémon to arrive in Pokémon Sword and Shield

According to the director of Pokémon, Junichi Masuda, these new creatures will allow Nintendo to try something completely new in the game that hasn’t been done before. “This time, instead of creating a generation of completely different Pokemon, we’re going to focus on going really deep into various types of ice cream Pokemon”, said Masuda.

The idea behind Pokémon Sword and Shield comes from a few Gen V Pokémon

The director of the game also mentioned that he got the idea to go into this direction with Pokémon Sword and Shield because of the feedback that some Gen V Pokémon received from the fans. It looks like a couple of thousands of fans complained that they don’t like Vanilluxe, Vanillish and Vanillite, so the team has decided to “introduce a ton of new ice cream Pokemon to suit any type of player.”

“No matter your preference, we’ll have 83 different types of ice cream Pokemon for you to choose from!”, Matsuda added.

Fans living in the UK will get to see some special Pokémon as well

Since the upcoming game has been inspired by the UK, the developers of the game have decided to create some UK-specific Pokémon as well. Fans living in the UK can expect to also see “Pokemon styled to look like marmite ice cream” and even “a popsicle stick of the Queen”, based on what Matsuda said.

Thanks to the most recent Nintendo Direct, we also found out that all Gen 9 Pokémon will be based on various types of birds, as the team felt that there are not enough bird Pokémon yet.

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