Facebook’s Massive 14-Hour Outage Could Cost $90 Million In Terms Of Lost Revenue

The whole world knows that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram blacked out a couple of days ago.

Social media platforms were down four about 14 hours 

Users freaked out to see that their favorite social media platforms were down. They were not down for everyone, but only for some users.

The platforms had experienced issues especially when users tried to send and receive content and also when posting new material as well.

The issue did not impact all users as we just said and Fortune also reported the following:

“In just our small tests, two people working from the same office didn’t get the same results: one was able to send Facebook Messenger messages and load Facebook, while another was not.”

This outage did not impact WhatsApp message in the US, but The Verge reported that users in Paraguay, India, Bangladesh, Argentina, and more noted that they experienced issues with sending messages.

$90 million in revenue lost

CCN just revealed that the blackout had been the worst ever known to the platforms.

The downtime lasted at least for 14 hours, according to the reports coming from the same online publication.

They also note that every minute that Facebook spends offline costs massive amounts of cash:

“By extrapolating from the company’s 2018 revenue figures, we can estimate that the recent blackout could cost Facebook up to $90 million in lost revenue.”

Back in 2018, Facebook reported $55.8 billion in revenue. If the figure is broken down into days, hours, and minutes, it looks like this, according to CCN.

  • Annual: $55.8 billion
  • Daily: $152.9 million
  • Hourly: $6.4 million
  • Every minute: $106,700

Now if we consider the fact that Facebook’s services have been recently down for up to 14 hours, CCN reports that the social media giant faces an $89.6 million loss in revenue from advertisers. This is a pretty huge amount of money, we have to admit.

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