Facebook Lite Beta Update Starts Rolling Out Today

If you enjoy using Facebook but hate the fact that the app uses up lots of mobile data and battery power, then you might want to give Facebook Lite a try. Just like the app’s name implies, Facebook Lite is a lightweight version of the social media platform that has been developed for lower-end smartphones which are not equipped with powerful CPUs and large amounts of RAM.

Although, the low hardware requirements are not the best thing about Facebook Lite. What makes Facebook Lite stand out is the fact that the app’s software has been optimized in order to lower the overall amount of mobile data that it needs in order to load the newsfeed and other types of media. To make things even better, Facebook Lite is constantly being improved and its performances are getting better.

Facebook Lite Beta Update

As previously mentioned, Facebook Lite is constantly being updated and a new APK update has just arrived. The new update sports the version number and it is currently available only to Android Facebook Lite beta users.

On the bright side of things enrolling in the app’s beta program is not a complicated task and everyone can do it. However, we do need to mention that the beta version of Facebook Lite can have its fair share of bugs. After all, the entire point of being a beta tester is to check out if there are issues with the app.

Improvements for Reliability and Speed

The patch notes for the new Facebook Lite update don’t say anything else other than the fact that the update introduces “improvements for reliability and speed”. Therefore, we advise all Facebook Lite beta users who want to make sure that the social media app is running at peak-performance levels to download the new update as soon as possible.

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