Richard Garfield Left Valve – What Will Happen To Artifact?

The legendary game designer, Richard Garfield, who is behind Magic: The Gathering and Artifact, to mention a couple, said that he is no longer part of Valve due to the recent modest downsizing effort the company was making. As for Artifact, which is the Valve’s game based on the DOTA 2 card game and has been developed by Garfield and his team, the game was not so appreciated by the audience. What will happen to Artifact now as Richard Garfield left Valve?

Garfield told Artifact-focused site Artibuff that they were not surprised by the layoff after taking into consideration the launch was rocky. The team was confident that they offer a good product and the game brought them excitement, but it was quite clear the public did not have the same opinion.

After the game has been launched, Garfield confessed that would be better for the Artifact team to be smaller and that the value has already been maximized by Valve to be gleaned from 3 Donkey, the contract company of Garfield.

What will happen to Artifact now since Richard Garfield left Valve?

He wrote that after listening to them for 4+ years, the expertise that 3 Donkeys brought is less critical. Both him and Skaff Elias, the co-founder of 3 Donkey, remain optimistic that the game is of good quality and that their advice and feedback has been offered during the development process. He enjoyed working with Valve, and their relentless focus on the game’s quality impressed him as long as the experience the player receives.

Richard Garfield focused on the pre-release promotion of Artifact because the stamp of approval was needed from him as he is a veteran game designer, primarily because, in over five years, Artifact was the first new game of Valve.

Gabe Newell, the co-founder of Valve, said one year ago that Artifact would be “to trading card games what Half-Life 2 was to single-player action.” As for the future of Artifact, some players worry that the game won’t survive or, at least, it won’t get better now that Richard Garfield left Valve.

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