Brawl Stars ‘Make-A-Map-Monday’ Event: Players Share Map Ideas

A new week has begun, and while most Mondays are not a day we enjoy, Brawl Stars players will have something to look forward to on the first day of the week!

One of the moderators on the Brawl Stars Reddit page has created a thread where all the players that want to share map ideas can contribute. The thread was shared by the official Brawl Stars Twitter page, and just by looking how many comments the thread has received in the past three hours, we’d say it’s a great decision.

But what happens with all these ideas after being shared on Reddit? Here’s where things get better!

Make-A-Map Monday’s (MAMM) Event

First, everyone who wants to share some map ideas has to post the photo and suggestion in the Reddit thread (not on Twitter or in this article).

The event will take place as follows, according to one of the Brawl Stars Reddit moderators, u/LachNessMeownster:

Today we are launching a new weekly event which shall be known as Make-A-Map Monday’s (MAMM). The purpose of MAMM is to consolidate all user submitted map ideas into one easy to view post on Mondays, rather than spread out throughout the week in hundreds of individual posts.

Then, the moderator adds that Supercell will take into consideration these map suggestions:

Not only will this reduce the number of repetitive posts, but it will allow users as well as Supercell to look in just one place for all the different map suggestions, allowing map designers a much better avenue for their creations to be seen.

But what will happen with all the maps gathered in the thread? They will certainly not be forgotten. There will be one winning map each week, and the prize will come in gems:

At the end of each month, the most upvoted map from each week will become a monthly finalist going in for one last vote, and the monthly winner will score themselves some gems! 🙂

Good luck creating maps, Brawlers!

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