iOS 13 New Concept Has Been Released

The next version of Apple’s operating system is expected to be released in a few months and everyone seems to have become increasingly curious about what iOS 13 will bring. A new concept of iOS 13 has just been posted online, which looks pretty nice, so let’s take a look at it.

iOS 13 concept makes its appearance online

The new concept video shows a Control Center with shortcuts to the actions of several social media platforms. For example, the envisioned Control Center would offer users special buttons for posting a story to Instagram or for tweeting.

Another thing that we can see in the newly released concept video is an updated Mail app, which would clearly make fans very happy. The current Mail app that Apple is offering has received a lot of criticism from its users, because it doesn’t have too many features, especially those that are really needed.

You can also notice a thin sidebar for volume in the video, instead of the unpleasant huge volume dialog that we can currently see on iOS.

Another feature that is showcased is a new clock app, which apparently would allow you to take more control of your Alarms. A Dark Mode is being shown in the concept video as well, which we can all agree that it would be great to have.

Apple should start adopting the “always on” display

As far as Android phones are concerned, we know that they have had an “always on” display for quite a long time already, so expect to see the same from iPhones in the future. Especially since iPhones are now equipped with OLED displays, we don’t see any reason why the tech giant wouldn’t consider offering the same as its rival.

After all, this type of display is very convenient since you can just look at your phone while it’s laying on a table, without needing to lift it. We definitely hope to see this type of displays from Apple in the not-so-distant future.

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