Google Play Store Now Gives Parents 30 Audiobooks for Their Children Completely for Free

If you are a parent, you need to be prepared to spend large amounts of money on your child. Education is one of the costliest and most important amongst these expenses. For example, we all know how expensive it can be to purchase an audiobook. However, Google has come to the aid of all those who look for a way to save some money, as it now gives away 30 various audiobooks designed for children and it does that completely for free.

Google offers a great variety of titles for kids

All children’s books that are now available for free through Google Play Store were created by Nickelodeon. Amongst these titles we might find many popular Nickelodeon characters so loved by children, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shimmer & Shine, Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol, and others. Parents can also get some Christmas-themed titles that will come in handy when that special time of the year arrives.

The audiobooks are not long

Due to the fact that these audiobooks were created specifically for children, they do not last long. Most of them are not longer than six minutes. Still, these six minutes could provide parents with an invaluable moment of relaxation or give them a chance to grab a cup of coffee, while a book teleports their children to one of the fantastic worlds created by Nickelodeon.

This is not a worldwide offer

There is also bad news for some parents, as this unique offer will not be available everywhere in the world. At the present moment, we are completely sure that all parents in the United States can take advantage of the deal. When it comes to other countries, it might work in some of them, so we strongly encourage all interested users to visit Google Play Store and try it out.

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