Google Duplex AI Project Continues To Evolve

Google unveiled the Duplex AI project last year, and the company continues to develop the initiative at a fast pace. Users from 43 states are already able to use the Google Duplex features. It is not available in all the states since each of them has different legislation when recorded calls are involved. Users who live in Nebraska, Texas, Montana, Minnesota, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Indiana will have to be patient and hope that they will gain access to it in the future.

Google Assistant AI is already able to perform specific tasks like making a reservation. For example, you can ask Google Assistant to book a table at a particular restaurant. One the task is done, you will receive a notification on your device. An e-mail and calendar event will be provided to help you to remember that the event was scheduled.

The company worked hard to improve Google Duplex, and the feature is currently offered on Google Pixel devices, with support for other Android smartphones and iPhones arriving in the future. At this point, users will be able to enjoy the Duplex feature only if the desired restaurant isn’t already a part of the ‘’Reserve With Google’’ program, which allows users to make a reservation with the Google Assistant but it involves the use of third-party partners which arrange on Google’s behalf.

Google Duplex AI is evolving at a fast pace

When Google showcased Duplex during the I/O show some people worried that the virtual voice appeared to be too realistic. Another issue was posed by the fact that the conversation will be automatically recorded.

In some US states recording a conversation without having the explicit agreement of the other parties which are involved is considered a criminal offense. The feeling of having a recorded conversation with an AI could also be a bit uncomfortable for certain people.

In a recent video when the call is performed, it is clearly stated that the assistant is calling and the person at the other end of the line is informed about the fact that the call will be recorded. It remains to be seen if restaurants and other business will accept conversations initiated by Duplex.

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