Instagram (144940) Beta APK Brings Software Improvements To Enhance Stability

According to the latest statistics, Facebook’s user base is slowly going down, and users are switching to Instagram.

Considering this, it’s pretty obvious the fact that Facebook buying Instagram was one of the best decisions ever that the social media platform made. Instagram would be its only viable threat if it were to put it that way.

One of the reasons for which so many people are ditching Facebook for Instagram is because the photo-sharing app is getting better with each passing week.

The app’s developers are always releasing various new updates. Here’s a piece of great news, an update just arrived.

Instagram (144940) Beta APK

This will turn out great news for Instagram fans who are enrolled in the app’s beta program. These users should be happy to know that a new update has been made available for download today.

Users who are not enrolled in the beta program should find out the fact that becoming a beta tester doesn’t need anything but an Android smartphone and set up an account.

It’s also important to acknowledge that beta updates can introduce glitch features.

It’s true that this doesn’t happen all the time because the app’s developers are always searching for new ways of improving the app’s stability and performances.

What does the update bring?

The latest update does not bring any new features or visual changes to the user interface.

This doesn’t mean that the latest update is not a useful one. It brings various software tweaks and will enhance the app’s overall stability.

Therefore, the app will have fewer chances to crash or glitch after you get this new update.

It’s also important to note that Instagram users who don’t like the idea of having to manually download APK updates or hate the fact that they have to enroll in the beta program don’t have to despair. There will also be an update in the future weeks which will be rolling out over the air.

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