Google Play Has Launched Rewarded Products

Those of you who played a mobile game at least once in your life will know that if you want to gain access to some bonuses or to a higher level, you sometimes need to pay for that access, or you must watch an ad instead. A new product announced by Google Play lets users get access to various items by simply watching ads.

Newly released Rewarded Products will make both gamers and developers happy

Google Play has just launched something called Rewarded Products, which basically allows you to earn in-app items whenever you watch ads in a game. This will definitely make it easier for developers to offer gamers free benefits, such as coins or more advanced levels in games.

This kind of strategy has been already used before by developers in situations when gamers didn’t really want to pay cash. However, we now have an official product released by Google itself that will allow companies to do the same thing as before. This will make developers’ lives much easier, that’s for sure.

But it’s not only the developers and the players who will benefit from this addition, but also Google, as it will be able to compete with third-party tools that are similar to Rewarded Products.

How can you get the Rewarded Products?

The new feature is already available in beta and you can add it to any app you want by using the Google Play Billing Library or the Android Interface Definitions Library (AIDL).

This new addition could mean that from now on, gamers might be prompted more often than before to watch some ads while playing a game, but exactly how often that would be we don’t know yet. It remains to be seen. We can only hope that not too many players will be annoyed by this change whenever they play their favorite mobile game.

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