Facebook Lite Beta Update is Now Available

If you like using Facebook Lite instead of the original version of the app, then new have some great news for you. Facebook Lite has received a new update and it comes with lots of software improvements that enhance the app’s software stability and performance speed. Not only that, but the update also comes with a bunch of bug fixes that make sure Facebook Lite doesn’t randomly crash.

Facebook Lite Beta APK

The new update for Facebook Lite is exclusive to beta testers who use Android powered smartphones. The reason why we are saying this is because the new update changes Facebook Lite’s version number to Beta and it comes in the form of APK. For those aren’t familiar with this update format, then all that they need to know is that it stands for “Android Package Kit”, thus the Android exclusivity.

Nonetheless, the new update is eventually going to be rolled out OTA (over the air) to everyone. However, Facebook Lite users who want to get their hands on the latest software tweaks that the new update from Facebook introduces can enroll in the app’s beta program and they will receive access to the new Facebook Lite Beta APK update.

Improved Reliability and Performances

As we previously mentioned, this new update focuses on improving the app’s overall software stability and performance speed. Therefore, all Facebook Lite users who are enlisted in the beta program and download the new update will find that the app runs faster than usual.

We should mention that the original version of Facebook Lite has recently received a Dark Mode for the Messenger app. We believe Facebook Lite is going to receive the same treatment in a future update and beta testers will be the first ones who can get their hands on the Dark Mode.

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