Apex Legends: Season 1 Changes Brought by March Update

The newest update for Apex Legends arrived this month and it gives us an idea about what the upcoming changes in the game will be. We are already aware of some of the things that are going to make their appearance in the game pretty soon. A few additional characters have been rumored to arrive as well, such as Apex Legends Wattson and Apex Legends Octane.

What is the March Apex Legends update bringing?

Some balance adjustments to the weapons from the game are now live. It seems that “some weapons will be weaker and more common, while others will be stronger and rarer”, as stated by the developer. Energy weapons and energy ammo are now much easier to find than before. This will definitely make players who like using energy weapons quite happy.

Also, the Wingman and Peacekeeper weapons have been nerfed to a small degree, especially when it comes to their Skullpiercer and Shotgun Bolt attachments.

As far as the Apex Legend hitboxes are concerned, Respawn has decided that larger character hitboxes are really in need of an adjustment. The hitboxes of Caustic, Pathfinder and Gibraltar will be tuned so that they will better match their character gear and model when Season 1 begins.

Other changes might be on their way as well

If by any chance the hitbox adjustments will not have the desired effect, Respawn is apparently considering “a range of other changes such as natural damage reduction as well as individual kit power tweaks”.

Another thing that we expect to see in Season 1 is related to some minor balance changes to the Legend abilities of Bangalore, Lifeline, Wraith, Pathfinder and Caustic.

We cannot wait to see what follows next in Apex Legends. The game has managed to bring a profit of $50 in its first month, so the company clearly knows what it’s doing.

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